Sunday, 14 February 2010

Chassis Time!!!

Well the long long wait has finaly paid off!!! I loaded the car up and went on my way down to AK for the chassis collection. Now with Audi wanting over £1800 to fit a tow bar to my A4 avant, and cost of trailler hire on-top, i decided to get the chassi deliverd by a fella who was recomended by Jon from AK. So after arranging details with him and a cost of £300 was agreed (fricken bargin) I still took a trip to AK to pick up some bits and exchange some parts (wishbones/drive shafts)

So with the kettle full, and the bacon ready, i called some mates and got them round to help with the lifting and shifting. Unfortunatly most of my mates are all alcoholics and with the delivery from Geroge being early doors i had to go and pick them all up, bar Simon who luckly for me wasnt drinking stupid amounts of beer the night prior.

So first off was the body, which was considrably lighter than i thought it would be... thank goodness. I only have limited space so the body was going to be stored by my veg patch in the front garden. This is not an ideal solution however its eather that, or left on the drive for the world and his wife to see.

So with the body sorted and under a tarp, onto the chassis. An amazing bit of kit... and bloody heavy. My garage is round the other side of the house and unfortunatly the 4x4 and trailer wouldnt get anywhere near, so it was good old muscle power, and carry it round to the garage along with all the extra bits i had orderd.

So now the serious build can start and hopefully progress on a weekly basis, so be sure to check here for updates and more of the build.

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