Friday, 16 March 2012

Something to stop the fly's hitting my face.

Been on the cards a while now and with some funds still left over from Birthday and Christmas i placed the order with Chris at Brasscraft for the windscreen. Chris supplies 95% of windscreens to the Cobra kit car industry and they are built of the same frames as the original AC cars so altought a fair whack of cash you are guaranteed a superb product and quality craftsmanship.

So two weeks after officially placing the order i received my screen. Speeded up significantly because Chris had a screen all ready to go that was for AK and after a quick phone call it had the shipping address changed to mine...... hahaha cheers Jon & Wendi!! 

 Fitting the screen was a fairly pleasant and simple job to do with a big overall effect to the appearance when finished. When the screen was delivered it was a simple job of fitting the side legs with the screws supplied then offering into place via the pre drilled slots from AK. As the frame legs slide into the tub you can see that they then offer up against the interior scuttle box section. The legs need to be clamped ether side to hold into place temporally whilst the pitch of the screen is adjusted to the correct angle.

In order to get the screen sat at the correct angle you need to get a distance of 36" from the top centre of the screen to the lip in the centre of the back of the cockpit. I simple did what AK recommend and cut a length of wood to exactly 36" and used that as my guide. Once all was secure and in the rough position i took measurements in various places to check the screen was sat level and even. Some small adjustment was needed then all secured into place.

I secured the screen using 4 x M10 bolts with nylock nuts straight into the box section of the inner tub chassis. These i believe can be just tapped to thread the bolt in, but i feel my way is more secure and its all held into position nicely. Attention must also be paid to the position of the front water seal, when the screen is first offered up its best to have the seal reversed back onto itself (its natural position) then when the screen is fixed it can be easily pushed forward to create a nice tight seal against the body.

Now i had to mark and fix the positions for the centre support bar and the frame escutcheon plate. I just unscrewed the screen from the frame legs and removed out of harms way. This then gave me access to slide on the escutcheon plates and fix down (i will use a dab of silicon when finally fitted also) I also fitted the bracket for the centre support. I did have to change the angle for this a little which was easy to do with just a big set of clamps, but covered in a cloth first as its polished stainless. All fitted back together and looking absolutely stunning. The screen is a true work of art with its finish and construction and future business to Brasscraft is a definite from me for the  screen demisters, fuel cap, overiders etc... anything brightwork basically.

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